11 - 13 September 2024


Why Visit Bio Asia Pacific?

Bio Asia Pacific 2024 held during 11 – 13 September 2024 at BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand, is the new leading conference and exhibition platform for Biotechnology, Life Sciences and Smart Health in Asia Pacific, recording more than 3,823 conference delegates with 250 professional speakers that participating in the exhibition.

Exhibitor Profile

  • Life Sciences / Biotechnology Instruments Manufacture
  • Pharmaceutical / Pharmaceutical Ingredients & Substances 
  • Medical Equipment & Devices 
  • IVD / Clinical / Molecular Diagnostic Instruments 
  • Cosmeceutical Product
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care Products
  • Genetic Technology Manufacturers 
  • Healthcare & General Services 
  • Medical Services 
  • Medical Technology Supplier 
  • Medical Tourism 
  • Pharma Logistics 
  • Smart Hospitals 
  • IT System & Solutions 
  • Digital Health Service Provider 
  • Health App Development

Visitor Profile

  • Life Sciences & Biotechnology Industry
  • Doctor / Scientist / R&D / Specialist / Researcher 
  • Pharmacists
  • Personal Cares
  • Hospitals
  • Healthcare Services
  • Research Institute / Academic Institution
  • Therapist / Therapeutist
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
  • Medical Services 
  • Venture Capitalist
  • Medical Technologist
  • Startups
  • Geneticist

Exhibitor List

NoCompanyBooth No.CountrySector
13SMG Events Pvt. Ltd.4B03IndiaLAB Exhibitor
2A&D Instruments (Thailand) Limited.3L18ThailandLAB Exhibitor
3Aczet (Thailand) Co., Ltd.4F31ThailandLAB Exhibitor
4Affinitech Co., Ltd.4D13ThailandLAB Exhibitor
5Agilent Technologies2P09SingaporeLAB Exhibitor
6AI System Co., Ltd.2S25ThailandBio AP Exhibitor
7Alchemist Scientific Co., Ltd.2Q22IndiaLAB Exhibitor
8Alcon Scientific Industries4D23IndiaLAB Exhibitor
9AMFLO Fluid Systems & Components Co., Ltd.3G27ChinaLAB Exhibitor
10Analytical Lab Science Co., Ltd.2R17ThailandLAB Exhibitor
11Anhui Zhongke Duling Commercial Appliance Co., Ltd.3L17ChinaLAB Exhibitor
12Animal Genomics and Bioresource Research Unit2R20ThailandUniversity
13Anton Paar (Thailand) Ltd.3L09ThailandLAB Exhibitor
14Apasalagen Co., Ltd.3G32ThailandLAB Exhibitor
15Apex Chemicals Co., Ltd.2NP09ThailandLAB Exhibitor
16Applied Chemical and Instrument Co., Ltd.4F17ThailandLAB Exhibitor
17Applied Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd.3K27ThailandLAB Exhibitor
18Arihant Industries4D18IndiaLAB Exhibitor
19ATGC Co., Ltd.3J32ThailandLAB Exhibitor
20Axiva Sichem Pvt. Ltd.4D22IndiaLAB Exhibitor
21AZ Science (Thailand) Co., Ltd.3M25ThailandLAB Exhibitor
22B.K. Tech Associates Co., Ltd.3H19ThailandLAB Exhibitor
23Bang Trading 1992 Co., Ltd.3M11ThailandLAB Exhibitor
24Bara Scientific Co., Ltd.2Q01, 2R01ThailandLAB Exhibitor
25BB Cal & Service Co., Ltd.3G15ThailandLAB Exhibitor
26BB Tech & Service Ltd., Part.4E30ThailandLAB Exhibitor
27BECTHAI Bangkok Equipment & Chemical Co., Ltd.3KL09ThailandLAB Exhibitor
28Beijing Zhongxingweiye Instrument Co., Ltd.3G23ChinaLAB Exhibitor
29Betagro Science Center Co., Ltd.2Q29ThailandLAB Exhibitor
30Bio-Active Company Limited2NP01, 2NP05ThailandLAB Exhibitor
31Biodesign Co., Ltd.3L07ThailandLAB Exhibitor
32Biogem Scientific4D21IndiaLAB Exhibitor
34Biomedia (Thailand) Co., Ltd.2R21ThailandBio AP Exhibitor
35Biometrics Technologies (Asia Pacific) Ltd.3H07ThailandLAB Exhibitor
36Biopharmaceutical Characterization Laboratory (BPCL)3M35ThailandUniversity
38Blue Oak Co., Ltd.2S12ThailandBio AP Exhibitor
39Brandex Directory Co., Ltd.2T08ThailandMedia
40Buchi (Thailand) Ltd.3L13ThailandLAB Exhibitor
41Carl Zeiss Co., Ltd.2Q23SingaporeBio AP Exhibitor
42Cefety Bioscience (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.2QR11ChinaBio AP Exhibitor
43Chakmartin Intervirontech Ltd.3H27ThailandLAB Exhibitor
44Charan Associates Co., Ltd.3H23ThailandLAB Exhibitor
45Chatcharee Holding Co., Ltd.4C08ThailandLAB Exhibitor
46Chemical House & Lab Instrument Co., Ltd.2R28ThailandLAB Exhibitor
47Chemistory Co., Ltd.2T19ThailandBio AP Exhibitor
48China National Chemical Information Center Co., Ltd. (CNCIC)4B16ChinaCHEM Exhibitor
49Clinixir2S27ThailandBio AP Exhibitor
50CMC Instruments GmbH4E18GermanyLAB Exhibitor
51Coax Group Corparation Ltd.2Q24ThailandLAB Exhibitor
52Color Global Co., Ltd.3L24ThailandLAB Exhibitor
53Commodity trade International4D19IndiaLAB Exhibitor
54Cosmetics and Natural Products Research Center (CosNat), Naresuan University2S28ThailandUniversity
55CTEC Medical Co.Ltd.2R12ThailandBio AP Exhibitor
56Daihan Scientific Co., Ltd.3J13South KoreaLAB Exhibitor
57Danaher Corperation3G01ThailandLAB Exhibitor
58Dandong Aolong Radiative Instrument Group Co., Ltd.3L25ChinaLAB Exhibitor
59Dempartment of Medical Service (DMS)2S35ThailandBio AP Exhibitor
60Department of Livestock Department (DLD)4A09ThailandLAB Exhibitor
61Department of Medical Sciences (DMSC)2R13ThailandLAB Exhibitor
62Department of Science Service (DSS)4A07, 2R30ThailandLAB, BIO Exhibitor
63Design Alternative Co., Ltd.3J17ThailandLAB Exhibitor
64DKSH Technology Limited4F11ThailandLAB Exhibitor
65Doctor Calibration Co., Ltd.3K10ThailandLAB Exhibitor
66Duksan Pure Chemical Co., Ltd.2NP15South KoreaLAB Exhibitor
67Ecosafe Asia Ltd.3L21HongkongLAB Exhibitor
68Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT)4D28ThailandLAB Exhibitor
69Enrobage India Pvt. Ltd.4B01IndiaLAB Exhibitor
70Environmental and Scientific Instruments Co.4D24IndiaLAB Exhibitor
71Environmental System Integrator Co., Ltd.2T01ThailandLAB Exhibitor
72Eppendorf (Thailand) Co., Ltd.4DE05ThailandLAB Exhibitor
73Esco Lifesciences (Thailand) Co., Ltd.2N13ThailandLAB Exhibitor
74ESECO (Thai) Co., Ltd.2S30ThailandBio AP Exhibitor
75Faculty of Dentistry, Mahidol University2S36ThailandUniversity
76Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University2T20ThailandUniversity
77Faithful Instrument (Hebei) Co., Ltd.3G22ChinaLAB Exhibitor
78Food Focus Thailand Magazine2T15ThailandMedia
79Fortune Scientific Co., Ltd.4E28ThailandLAB Exhibitor
80Foxx Life Sciences Private Limited4D25IndiaLAB Exhibitor
81Frontier Laboratories4C15JapanLAB Exhibitor
82Fujian Ming Lin Technology Co., Ltd.4A02ChinaCHEM Exhibitor
83FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation3L26JapanBio AP Exhibitor
84Geneplus Co., Ltd.4F01ThailandLAB Exhibitor
85Genfosis Co.,Ltd.2S18ThailandBio AP Exhibitor
86GenScript Biotech (Singapore) Pte Ltd.2R10SingaporeBio AP Exhibitor
87Gibthai Co., Ltd.3J01,3K01ThailandLAB Exhibitor
88Glaswarenfabrik Karl Hecht GmbH & Co. KG4E17GermanyLAB Exhibitor
89Goel Scientific Glass Works Ltd.4D26IndiaCHEM Exhibitor
90Green Banyan Co., Ltd4B20ThailandLAB Exhibitor
91Guangxi Qinzhou Capital Success Chemical Co., Ltd.4B12ChinaCHEM Exhibitor
92GVS Filteration Co., Ltd.3G16ThailandLAB Exhibitor
93Hangzhou MMF Technology Co., Ltd.4DE11ChinaLAB Exhibitor
94Hanna Instruments (Thailand) Ltd.4F28ThailandLAB Exhibitor
95Harikul Science Co., Ltd.4C02ThailandLAB Exhibitor
96Heaven Cuisine2QR09ThailandBio AP Exhibitor
97Hebei Kaihong Chemical Co.,Ltd4C09ChinaCHEM Exhibitor
98Hebei Pengfa Chemical Co., Ltd.4A01ChinaCHEM Exhibitor
99Hebei Runwangda Making Clean Materials Co., Ltd.3G30ChinaLAB Exhibitor
100Himmel (changzhou) Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd.3G21ChinaLAB Exhibitor
101Hospital of Tropical Diseases2S31ThailandHospital
102Hyundai Micro Co., Ltd.3H18South KoreaLAB Exhibitor
103i+MED Laboratories Co., Ltd.2S01ThailandLAB Exhibitor
104IC Biomedical Co., Ltd.2Q15ThailandBio AP Exhibitor
105iGene Labserve Pvt. Ltd.4B04IndiaLAB Exhibitor
106IKA Works (Thailand) Co., Ltd.3H01ThailandLAB Exhibitor
107ILab Fluid Control Co., Ltd.4F22ThailandLAB Exhibitor
108INF System & Engineering (Thailand) Ltd.3L32ThailandLAB Exhibitor
109INS Labserve Co., Ltd.2Q21ThailandLAB Exhibitor
110Inscinstech Co., Ltd.4E27ChinaLAB Exhibitor
111Institute of Food Research and Product Development (IFRPD)2T16ThailandAssociation
112Interscience Co., Ltd.4D13FranceLAB Exhibitor
113Intro Enterprise Co., Ltd.3L27ThailandLAB Exhibitor
114ITS (Thailand) Co., Ltd.3KL13ThailandLAB Exhibitor
115Jiangsu Benoy Lab Instrument Co., Ltd.2PN15ChinaLAB Exhibitor
116Jiangsu Hanbon Sci &Tech Co., Ltd.4F34ChinaLAB Exhibitor
117Jiangsu Yaohai Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.3L31ChinaLAB Exhibitor
118Jinhua Noke Biotechnology Co., Ltd.4F33ChinaLAB Exhibitor
119K.K.Scientific Co., Ltd.4A10ThailandLAB Exhibitor
120Kasetsart university Food Innovation Research and Services in Thailand (KU-FIRST)2T17ThailandUniversity
121Keyence (Thailand) Co., Ltd.3J34ThailandLAB Exhibitor
122King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT)3M38ThailandUniversity
123Koventure Co., Ltd.3H28ThailandLAB Exhibitor
124Lab Leader Co., Ltd.3K02, 3L01ThailandGift Point
125LAB Redemption4A03ThailandLAB Exhibitor
127Labgaz (Thailand) Co., Ltd.4F27ThailandLAB Exhibitor
128Labware (Thailand) Co., Ltd.2NP13ThailandLAB Exhibitor
129LACHOI Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd.3H25ChinaLAB Exhibitor
130Lap Manage Co., Ltd.3HJ13ThailandLAB Exhibitor
131LECO Instruments (Thailand) Ltd.2T10ThailandLAB Exhibitor
132Lesoshoppe (Thailand) Co., Ltd.3K25ThailandLAB Exhibitor
133Lianyungang Honest Chemical Co., Ltd.4C05ChinaCHEM Exhibitor
134Lifomics Co., Ltd.4C03ThailandLAB Exhibitor
135Light Blue-Inter Trade Co., Ltd.3M26ThailandLAB Exhibitor
136Lower Northeastern Science Park (LNSP)2R33ThailandGovernment
137Magen Biotechnology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.3J22ChinaLAB Exhibitor
138Mahidol University Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital2S11ThailandUniversity
140Mahidol University Faculty of Tropical Medicine2S13ThailandUniversity
141Mecmesin Asia Co., Ltd.4D29ThailandLAB Exhibitor
142Media Matter Co., Ltd. (Innolab Magazine)2R26ThailandMedia
143Medical Science Research and Innovation Institute, Prince of Songkla University2QR13ThailandUniversity
144Meditop Co., Ltd.3M21ThailandLAB Exhibitor
145Merlin biomedical (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.2S07ChinaBio AP Exhibitor
146Metrohm Siam Co., Ltd.3H13ThailandLAB Exhibitor
147Mettler-Toledo (Thailand) Ltd.2P13ThailandLAB Exhibitor
148MIT Technology Co., Ltd.3J27ThailandLAB Exhibitor
149ModGut Co., Ltd.2S14ThailandBio AP Exhibitor
150MORU Tropical Network2S38ThailandUniversity
151Motic Hong Kong Limited2Q28HongkongLAB Exhibitor
152MUI Robotics Co., Ltd.2T18ThailandBio AP Exhibitor
153Naïve Innova/Premier Innova2QR15ThailandBio AP Exhibitor
154NanoChrom Technologies (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.3G24ChinaLAB Exhibitor
155National Biopharmaceutical Facility (NBF)3M37ThailandAssociation
156National Cancer Institute (NCI)2S33ThailandBio AP Exhibitor
157National Food Institute (NFI)2T14ThailandAssociation
158National Institute of Metrology (Thailand) (NIMT)4B07ThailandAssociation
159National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT)3M32ThailandGovernment
160National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA)4C19, 2R29ThailandGovernment
161NATS Laboratory (Asian Institute of Technology)4D27ThailandLAB Exhibitor
162Nature Benefit Co., Ltd.2S15ThailandBio AP Exhibitor
163Neogen Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd.3J28ThailandLAB Exhibitor
164NEXBIO (Thailand) Co., Ltd.4F21ThailandLAB Exhibitor
165Ningbo Excellent New Materials Co., Ltd.3K30ChinaLAB Exhibitor
166Ningbo Yongxin Optics Co., Ltd.4F26ChinaLAB Exhibitor
167NK Interactive Co., Ltd.3H20ThailandLAB Exhibitor
168Noble Eco Systems Private Limited4B02IndiaCHEM Exhibitor
169Northeastern Science Park (NESP)2R36ThailandGovernment
170Northern Science Park (NSP)2R34ThailandGovernment
171Novamedic Co., Ltd.2S21ThailandBio AP Exhibitor
172Official Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.3JH09ThailandLAB Exhibitor
173OHAUS Indochina Limited2Q17ThailandLAB Exhibitor
174Omega Scientific (Thailand) Co., Ltd.4E23ThailandLAB Exhibitor
175Omics Sciences and Bioinformatics Center, CU3M33ThailandUniversity
176Omsons Glassware Pvt. Ltd.3M29IndiaLAB Exhibitor
177One Health Innovation Co.,Ltd.2R15ThailandBio AP Exhibitor
178One Venture Co., Ltd.2S29ThailandBio AP Exhibitor
179P95 Asia2Q13ThailandBio AP Exhibitor
180PEAK Scientific Singapore (Pte) Ltd.2PN13SingaporeLAB Exhibitor
181Peli Biothermal2S05ThailandLAB Exhibitor
182Perkinelmer Scientific (Thailand) Co., Ltd.4E13ThailandLAB Exhibitor
183Phoenix Scientific Co., Ltd.3H11ThailandLAB Exhibitor
184Phyathai - Paolo Hospital2S32ThailandHospital
185Plastic Institute of Thailand4C16/2ThailandAssociation
186Polymer Society of Thailand (PST)4B14ThailandAssociation
187Pornpankorn Scientific Stainless Co., Ltd.3L29ThailandLAB Exhibitor
139POSE Healthcare Co., Ltd.2S22ThailandBio AP Exhibitor
188PP Dealing Group Co., Ltd.3H22ThailandLAB Exhibitor
189Prima Scientific Co., Ltd.3L23ThailandLAB Exhibitor
190Prime Nanotechnology Co., Ltd.2R27ThailandLAB Exhibitor
191Prolific Heating International Co., Ltd.3M31ThailandLAB Exhibitor
192Prospective Instruments LK OG4E19AustriaLAB Exhibitor
193PTT Public Company Limited2S19ThailandBio AP Exhibitor
194QES (Thailand) Co., Ltd.4E29ThailandLAB Exhibitor
195Rajavithi Hospital2S37ThailandHospital
196Research X Co. Ltd.2S34ThailandBio AP Exhibitor
197Resonac Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.3L22SingaporeLAB Exhibitor
198RI Technology Co., Ltd.2Q09ThailandBio AP Exhibitor
200Romer Labs Singapore Pte., Ltd.3J24SingaporeLAB Exhibitor
201S&S Bioproducts Co., Ltd.3H32ThailandLAB Exhibitor
199S.K. Powerable Co., Ltd.3G11ThailandLAB Exhibitor
202S.M. Chemical Supplies Co., Ltd.3K17ThailandLAB Exhibitor
203SAC SCI-ENG Ltd., Part.3M28ThailandLAB Exhibitor
204Saengvith 2000 Co., Ltd.4F32ThailandLAB Exhibitor
205Saengvith Science Co., Ltd.4E05ThailandLAB Exhibitor
206Sarstedt AG+Co KG3K33GermanyLAB Exhibitor
207Sartorius Singapore Pte. Ltd.4D09SingaporeLAB Exhibitor
208SCHMIDT + HAENSCH GmbH & Co.4E20GermanyLAB Exhibitor
209Sci Trader Co., Ltd.2Q27ThailandLAB Exhibitor
210Science and Technology Trade Association (STTA)2Q30ThailandAssociation
211Science Integration Co., Ltd.2R19ThailandLAB Exhibitor
212Science Tech Co., Ltd.4DE01ThailandLAB Exhibitor
213Scipack Co., Ltd.4DE13ThailandLAB Exhibitor
214Sciseeit Co., Ltd.2Q14ThailandBio AP Exhibitor
215SciSpec Co., Ltd.4C01ThailandLAB Exhibitor
216Sea-Hill Co., Ltd.4DE09ThailandLAB Exhibitor
217Shanghai Jie Ning Biotech Co., Ltd.2S09ChinaBio AP Exhibitor
218Shanghai Lu Xiangyi Centifuge Instrument Co., Ltd.3G29ChinaLAB Exhibitor
219Shenzhen Bolinda Technology Co., Ltd.3G28ChinaLAB Exhibitor
220Shun Thai Rubber Gloves Industry Public Co., Ltd.3J23ThailandLAB Exhibitor
221Siam Intercorp (Thailand) Co., Ltd.3H24ThailandLAB Exhibitor
222Singlera Genomics Inc.2S08ChinaBio AP Exhibitor
223Sinos Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.4C14ChinaCHEM Exhibitor
224Siriraj Hospital2R11ThailandHospital
225Sithiphorn Associates Co., Ltd.3M01ThailandLAB Exhibitor
226SK Polymer Co., Ltd.2S23ThailandBio AP Exhibitor
227Smart Science Co., Ltd.2R23ThailandLAB Exhibitor
228Southern Science Park (PSUSP)2R35ThailandGovernment
229SPT Instrument Copany Limited4E24ThailandLAB Exhibitor
230Sync Innovation Co., Ltd.3H31ThailandLAB Exhibitor
231Syntech Innovation Co., Ltd.3H09ThailandLAB Exhibitor
232TAP Trading Co.Ltd.2S26ThailandBio AP Exhibitor
233TasteBud4B11ThailandLAB Exhibitor
234Techcomp (Thailand) Co., Ltd.4E09ThailandLAB Exhibitor
235TEQ Company Limited3G31ThailandBio AP Exhibitor
236Thai Cosmetic Cluster Trade Association (TCOS)4C17/1ThailandAssociation
237Thai Dental Products Co.Ltd.2S24ThailandBio AP Exhibitor
238Thai Society for Biotechnology (TSB)2T09ThailandAssociation
239Thai Top Global Co., Ltd.3K28ThailandLAB Exhibitor
240Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (TCELS)2N35ThailandGovernment
241Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR)4B08ThailandGovernment
242Thanes Group4E01ThailandLAB Exhibitor
243The Faculty of Science, Kasetsart University3M34ThailandUniversity
244The Thai Institute of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry (TIChE)4C16/1ThailandAssociation
245Thermo Fisher ScientificOnlineSingaporeLAB Exhibitor
246Thomas Baker (Biosciences) Pvt. Ltd.4D17IndiaLAB Exhibitor
247Tianjin JIUMAO International Trade Co.,Ltd.4C10ChinaCHEM Exhibitor
248Tianjin Longsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.4C07ChinaCHEM Exhibitor
249Tianjin Zhoushang Import & Export Co., Ltd.4C11ChinaCHEM Exhibitor
250Trade Expo2S06HongkongLAB Exhibitor
251Tri Solution Co., Ltd.4C16ThailandLAB Exhibitor
252Tropicana Oil Co., Ltd.2S17ThailandBio AP Exhibitor
253True Line Step Co., ltd.2R14ThailandBio AP Exhibitor
254TTK Science Co., Ltd.4F15ThailandLAB Exhibitor
255Tuv Nord (Thailand) Co., Ltd.3K19ThailandLAB Exhibitor
256U&V Holding Co., Ltd.3M17ThailandLAB Exhibitor
257VNU Asia Pacific Showcase2S02ThailandLAB Exhibitor
258Water Test Co., Ltd.4A05ThailandLAB Exhibitor
259Welala Co., Ltd.2R13ThailandBio AP Exhibitor
260Welch (Jinhua) Import & Export Co., Ltd.3G33ChinaLAB Exhibitor
261Wiley3H33SingaporeLAB Exhibitor
262Wuhan Feiyue Biotechnology Co., Ltd.3K32ChinaLAB Exhibitor
263Wuhan Servicebio Technology Co., Ltd.4DE15ChinaLAB Exhibitor
264Xi'an Tianlong Science and Technology Co., Ltd.3G17ChinaLAB Exhibitor
265Xilong Scientific Co., Ltd.4B19ChinaLAB Exhibitor
266Yokogawa (Thailand) Ltd.4F16ThailandLAB Exhibitor
267Yong Lin industrial Co., Ltd.4C13ChinaCHEM Exhibitor
268Yong Yue Medical Technology(Kunshan) Co., Ltd.3J31ChinaLAB Exhibitor
269YSHC SCM (TIANJIN) Co., Ltd.4C17ChinaCHEM Exhibitor
270Zenith Lab (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.3HJ15ChinaLAB Exhibitor
271Zenostic Co., Ltd.2S16ThailandBio AP Exhibitor
272Zhejiang Kedun Biotech Co., Ltd3J21ChinaLAB Exhibitor
273Zibo Aiheng New Material Co., Ltd.4C12ChinaCHEM Exhibitor

Floor Plan

Venue Information

Getting to BITEC is easy and convenient

BITEC is conveniently located within easy reach of all the major attractions and hotels in Bangkok city centre.

Located only 30 minutes from Suvarnabhumi International Airport. BITEC is easily accessible by Car, Mini van and Bus via 3 well sign-posted entrances: Entrance 1 and 2 can be accessed from Bangna-Trad Road and Entrance 3 from Sukhumvit Road, just off the expressway.

The easiest ways to reach BITEC are by taxi or by BTS Skytrain. Visitors travelling to BITEC can get off the train at “Bang Na Station” Exit 1. From there, it is just a short walk to the skywalk leading directly to the Welcome Hall.

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